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spiralsfalling's Journal

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I like japanese stuff. A little. Okay, maybe a lot. Besides the wasabi, I mean. That stuff is just hot and nasty.
The person at the counter at a Baskin Robbins will always know that I will try and try and try all the ice cream flavours one by one and then walk out after tasting a whole lotta ice cream, without buying any cone at all.
Besides my very close friends, I find it very very hard to talk to people. A close friend says that I seem to talk perfectly fine when introduced to someone new or when conversing with an acquaintance but inside, I'm so totally freaking out. I just generally find it awkward to be around people somehow. But hey, I wouldn't mind having more friends either. :)
And everytime I try going out with someone, something or the other happens to ruin it and make me not want to date that person anymore. (sigh)
I love Thomas felton's looks. XD And Gackt is sooo bloody hot.
It's awfully hard to get stuff like anime in Nepal so I won't have watched a lot of anime and stuff but I will try reading fanfiction about almost any anime...after I look it up on Wikipedia first. lol. Just to get a general idea of what the writer is writing about.
And I only read slash most of the time. Het pairs usually make me go all "EWWWW..." which is strange considering that I'm a girl. Such are the oddities of life....
I love Kakashi from Naruto.
Uh, I think wrote more than enough for now. ^_^"