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The Language of Love

So I stumbled across this gem while I was casually browsing through Pinterest. This is one incredible piece written and starring a (then) 17 year old boy who comes to terms with being in love with his best friend in the middle of a French test.

I look closely at the video and the way it's shot and I'm really impressed. I know fuckall about filming and directing and stuff but I saw how each emotion on the actor's face is captured and that just took my breath away. I watched this at 1 AM in the morning with my mother snoring away next to me but for the short 10 minutes that this video lasted, I forgot everything, snoring and all, and was utterly invested in what he was trying to say. The ending was perfect too, especially because it's difficult to capture how hard it is for someone to say "I love you" and this, this was PERFECT.

What a marvelous video this is.
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Happy New Year 2069!!! Nepal, that is.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2069 B.S.!!!!
Okay, fine. Technically it's New Year's only in Nepal but eh, what's wrong with spreading the joy? :D
We don't really have fireworks and all like the Chinese do but it's usually a lot more festive than it is right now. The vicious storm, complete with lightening and thunder, might have something to do with the lack of celebration.
I can't really bring myself to celebrate right now anyway; it was only in the evening that I realized today had been New Year's eve and that I'd done absolutely nothing the whole day. That's pretty anti-social, even for me. But I have an invitation at a friend's place for tommorow today so I guess I'll start baking some peanut butter brownies in the morning and join in with a couple of my friends and their families. That should satisfy my Dad's urge to see me act my age and "not a crabby old lady."
Poor Dad is just paranoid his only daughter won't even make an attempt to find love and settle down. I get tired of explaining I'm barely an adult but he continues to worry.
Speaking of thunder storms, one of my dogs seemed to be pretty scared of lightening. He was making a racket so my mom made the helper sister bring him in. He seems to be having fun in the room with me though; he's been sniffing curiously at everything. He doesn't get to come inside the house often so I guess things inside are new to him. He's notoriously known for shredding anything resembling blankets and mattresses so I'm making sure he doen't make a mess in here. Lord knows, I only need an even more pissed off of a sulky mother to make my a life a living hell.
Tiger (that's the dog's name; Mom brought home all four dogs : Tiger, Ronnie, Blackie and Buddy and promptly forgot all about taking care of them so the task has fallen to me and my poor gullible Dad. She bought him, thinking he was a Mastiff but he ended up looking more like a Labrador than anything. He's still lovable so I guess we'll continue to tolerate all the shredded blankets that we keep replacing for his kennel) doesn't appreciate me making light of the storm outside. He's glared at me with this sort of expression a few times in the past hour or so :

but he seems content to hide under the bed for a while at least. (
That's not him up there but the expression is pretty much the same. I don't know to whom this photo belongs to so I''l just write here that it's definitely not mine and won't be used for nefarious purposes.)
Also, a friend called. He's disgruntled that no one seems to take his fear of lightening seriously. His best friend apparently just laughed at him and blurted out his secret to his entire family. He had to "listen helplessly while they all cruelly made fun of his terrifying fear!" Unfortunately, Mom can inside my room and started making funny faces at Tiger and cooed over hoe cute he was when he was scared. My friend heard, felt that him being scared of lightening equated to him being somewhat like a dog was even more miserable. I don't think it would be a bad thing to be a dog in a respectable home though; hey, free meals and all the nap time you want, yeah?
Okay, I have to let Dad sleep now; he's been trying to keep an eye on me so I go to sleep on time especially on Doctor B's orders but he's tired after a day of work and has fallen asleep on my bed. It's funny in an much too sentimental kind of way.
I guess I'm going to have to finish "
Fade" by Sonny and Ais and "The Rules of Being a Godson" by Sam_storyteller later on Sunday.

Happy New Year's again, everyone! :)
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West Side Story!!!

So I directed a play.
I'm amazed it actually worked out! It's been five very long months of intense practice and finally we showed so many people who doubted us that we could do it. Plus, mum was impressed; she saw the movie before and said that the music was too boring and that it made her fall asleep. But she told me after the show was over that the play was surprisingly engaging and that made me happier than anything else, I think.
We did "West Side Story" by Arthur Laurents. This was the first time I'd done anything remotely direct-y and the parts in other school plays I'd acted in were really small roles. But the major cast were good actors AND singers (besides me; having a head cold and a really bad cough was not a very good way of showcasing my voice for the first time) and they performed wonderfully.
Dress rehearsals were awful though; the guy playing  Chino fired his gun only to realize that no one had played the gunshot! The actors playing Tony and Maria just stood on the stage for a while, nonplussed, before the music director rushed to the rescue; Aashish, the guy playing Tony, dropped dead at the sound of a drum beat ( albeit, a very loud drumbeat) ! Then Maya, who played Maria, tripped over Tony's corpse and nearly broke her ankle. When I sang "A Boy Like That" ,to my horror, my voice just dried up mid song. I pretended I was crying so the audience thought I was crying because Bernardo, the boyfriend of my character, Anita, had died. It was going okay until Maya forgot the lyrics for the song too! Everything went wrong on dress rehearsals but the audience surprisingly didn't notice most of the mistakes.
Yesterday, we performed for a much larger and more mature audience. While I was dancing the Mambo, the  zipper of my dress split so my button mike fell down. The crew kept shouting at me to exit the stage but didn't tell me why. I just continued dancing with my partner ,who picked up my mike and started to get confused too. We got screamed at ,even, by the guy managing the curtains but the music was too loud for us to understand what was going on. The other dancers apparently saw my dress and started trying to warn us too. My partner was yelled at the girls on at the side to cover my back (he's a lot taller than I am and hence has HUGE hands that can cover up more than half of my back). Unfortunately, he didn't get it and slid his hand up from my waist instead. Now, it looks like everyone on stage thinks he was groping me mid dance. -_-" Thankfully, I know he didn't do it intentionally or he would have a couple of broken fingers. Plus, his girlfriend was in the audience. *Talk about dangerous living*
But the performance went really well! I was introduced as the director in the end and I got to swing in using a really long and thick rope suspended from the ceiling! That was really fun. Then they presented me with a bouquet and the guys lifted me up in the air and threw me up a couple of times.....
Today, I found out that our pictures were in the daily newspapers too. I felt shamelessly smug about the whole thing, considering how the administration kept on bugging me about the cost of renting props and equipment and practice schedules and whatnot. Of course, now the admin just tells everyone they were the ones to fully support the whole thing when it was those old goats who opposed every single idea we had.
But whatever, I'm much too happy and filled with glee to do anything about it right now.
Here's one of the pictures that came out in the newspaper. I'm the one in the red dress! *Oh Gawd, just noticed my legs are like chicken drumsticks*

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University Hunting.

Well, University hunting is going along very poorly. It's not that there aren't universities enough; it's that there are TOO MANY. I have no idea which one to actually look into.
Anyone willing to help me out here? Been looking into plenty of scholarships but I'd appreciate if anyone could tell me the names of a few colleges I could try out for majoring in medicine or Marine biology and minor in literature. :) Preferably in Asia.
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Bill Kaulitz -and a BEARD?

I just saw a picture of Bill Kaulitz WITH A BEARD.

I don't know whether to laugh wildly or cry.
Cry, because all this time I was hearing their music, it never quite entered my head that the twins have grown up now. I feel like a mother at her son's graduation. "Aww, my baby's all grown up now!" is what my mum told me at my farewell party and I sappily feel like doing the same after seeing the beard pic, no matter the fact that they're 21 years old and don't even know I exist.
But also laugh, because he looks so funny and rakish! Beards are not exactly my cup of tea but Bill always appears cute to me no matter what he's wearing.Most fans seem to be begging Bill to shave it off right now. XD Tom looks so adorably young next to Bill in the pic!!
I have to say that I prefer Bill with smooth beard free skin though. But if he chooses to grow a beard, then oh well, there's nothing else to do about it. It's his choice and his life. I'll keep listening to their songs, beard or no beard. 
Here's a link to the picture: